Alec Habig: “The Supernova Early Warning System (SNEWS) in the era of Multi-Messenger Astronomy”


SNEWS is a cooperative effort between the world's neutrino detectors to spread the news that a star in our galaxy has just experienced a core-collapse event and is about to become a supernova.  This project exploits the ~hours time difference between neutrinos promptly escaping the nascent supernova and photons which originate when the shock wave breaks through the stellar photosphere.  This will give the world a chance to get ready to observe such an exciting event at the earliest possible time.  Although there has not recently been a Galactic supernova, SNEWS has been functioning as a coincidence trigger between experiments for two decades now.  With great advances in other forms of multi-messenger astronomy in the past few years, SNEWS is being upgraded to adapt to this improved environment. Progress on implementing ideas to maximize the science output of this new "SNEWS2.0" will be presented.