María Luisa Sarsa: “Three years annual modulation results from ANAIS−112 experiment”


DAMA/LIBRA observation of an annual modulation in the detection rate compatible with that expected for dark matter particles from the galactic halo is one of the most puzzling results in the present particle physics scenario. In this talk we will review the present status of the testing of the DAMA/LIBRA result, focusing in experiments using the same target material: sodium iodide. In particular, the talk will cover in detail performance and prospects of ANAIS-112 experiment, which using 112.5 kg of NaI(Tl) as target, is taking data at the Canfranc Underground Laboratory in Spain since August 2017. Results corresponding to 3 years will be presented. These results are compatible with the absence of modulation and in tension with DAMA/LIBRA result. Moreover, they support our goal of reaching a 3σ sensitivity to the DAMA/LIBRA result with about 5 years of data.