TPPC weekly seminar: Ely Kovetz


Speaker: Ely Kovetz, Ben-Gurion University

Title: ΛCDM and beyond with line-intensity mapping

Line-intensity mapping (LIM) is a novel technique which can be used to bridge the observation gap between the cosmic microwave background and galaxy surveys and map the full volume of the observable Universe. With multiple experiments coming online and planned for the next decade, LIM will yield unique access to important epochs such as the dark ages, cosmic dawn, reionization and early structure formation, promising to greatly advance our capability to confront open questions in cosmology. Focusing on dark matter and dark energy in particular, I will demonstrate how LIM can probe various models that are motivated by newly found tensions between the data and the standard model of cosmology (ΛCDM), such as the EDGES 21cm anomaly and the so-called H0 tension.